Summer Challenge: Food & Fitness
Summer Challenge: Food & Fitness
Summer Challenge: Food & Fitness
Summer Challenge: Food & Fitness

Summer Challenge: Food & Fitness

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Join Happy Fitness + Healthy Food-Making and Get Your Prize ($50 gift card) 

Program Goal:
Learn how to wake up regularly, sleep better, eat healthier, and have fun exercising to strengthen our immune system. We meet and work together on zoom, one hour a day for 15 days this summer.

We can create a pod for you and your friends group. If you already made a pod (5 students), please contact our admin ( If you don’t have a pod, you can always sign up individually. We will assign you to your age group.

Unit Choice:
   Time: M-F, 7AM-8AM  (PST, EST, KST)
   [Unit 1] June 14 to July 2, 2021, 3 weeks
   [Unit 2] July 5 to July 23, 2021, 3 weeks 
   [Both Units] June 14 to July 23, 6 weeks 

Age Group: You can also register as a group of friends or siblings. The groups can be mix-aged groups if the teacher allows. 

  • Grades 1-3 
  • Grades 4-6
  • Grades 7-12
  • Parent

    Lesson Structure: Each student will be asked to send an evening report to his or her teacher at around 7PM-8PM before going to  bed. 
       [10min] Wake-up & Greet
       [20min] Home Workout
       [30min] Healthy Breakfast Making (e.g., non-oven bread, super smoothie, vitamin fruit cups, salad dressing, egg dish, breakfast noodle, tofu fries, etc) 


    • Zoom on a computer or a phone
    • The 15-activity and breakfast schedule of your unit will be shared before the summer unit begins.
    • Daily breakfast-making ingredients: Most of them will be healthy, simple ingredients you can get easily from a local grocery store. Food allergies & restriction section should be agreed in your application form. 
    • Home workout sets will include easy-to-follow activities such as stretching, morning energizing movements for a full body circulation, light core exercise, and fun games. 

    Prize: If you complete all 15-day challenges without missing a day or being late, you will receive a prize!

    • Grade 3 and younger -- QUESTABOX class credit ($80 value)
    • Grade 4 and older and adult --  gift card ($50 value)

    Application Form: Please click the link and submit your application. You will be receiving a confirmation email after your payment is made and application is submitted. 

    Unit Price (15 days):

    • Children: $300 
    • Adult: $360