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QUESTABOX Marketplace Membership is applied to each child, not family.  Please submit your registration form (link) and pay for your selected membership (Basic or Premium). Thank you. 

STEP 1. Please pay for your membership fee 

BASIC - $50 for new members who sign up for Marketplace classes from browsing the website (non-refundable, one-time)

- $120 for new members who would like to have an educational matchmaking service. You will be receiving an in-depth parent consultation (max. 30 min) and the recommended classes and teachers for your child (non-refundable, one-time)


BASIC - After submitting the registration form (link above), our admin will be contacting you for confirmation. Please keep browsing and sign up for the classes you like.  If you have any questions, you can contact our admin ( any time. 

PREMIUM - After submitting the registration form (link above), our educational matchmaking consultant will be contacting you soon in 1-3 days to schedule a in-depth parent consultation meeting with you. After the consultation meeting, our consultant will follow up with you on recommended teachers and programs for you or your child. 


Other Options (if applied): 

ADDITIONAL CONSULTATION  - if you're a current PREMIUM member and would like to have an additional 30-min in-depth parent consultation with our consultant. Please purchase ADDITIONAL Option in the payment menu.  Our admin will be sending you a confirmation email once your payment is made.