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QUESTABOX was founded with a simple goal: to help students learn from people, not from workbooks. We strive to offer the best teachers or educators online who will provide engaging and personalized classes for each student.


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September 2023

September 2023

Meet with Dr. Ko, the founder of Brush and Play Pediatric Dentistry. He never achieved straight A’s or never became an NCAA swim-champion, but.....
August 2023

August 2023

Meet with Dr. Jeanie Kim's new book on how to raise resilient kids who never give up as well as her Youtube stories. 

July 2023

July 2023

Have you ever wondered what studying neuroscience in college feels like and why it became so important to the world? Monique is sharing her story.

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Sign up for Questabox Premium (Writing) and start a private parent consultation meeting. Our educational consultant will guide you through in-depth parent consultation, matched teacher follow-ups, and a trial session (student-teacher). Contact:

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Learn to be creative through various projects offered by Questabox teachers, educators/partners, and students such as programming, social media content creators, 2D animation, voice & opera, creative arts, world languages, etc. Projects are open by season. Please contact us for class schedules. Contact:

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Are you middle or high school students seeking guidance in discovering your own passions and having clear ideas about what you want from your future college and career? Our coaching team is here to co-create a customized roadmap with you and your parents to elevate your planning experience and seek out a new trail for you to create.

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I think this is one of the best programs out there….helps build writing but really fun.

An Elementary School Teacher in New York City

It shows my child the various ways to engage and challenge herself to creative writing.

Parent of a 4th Grader in San Jose, CA

My son, a 9th grader, is getting much better at articulating his thoughts because the conversations he’s having with his teacher helps him a lot to organize his points and trigger other points, and so on. We’re very pleased with Questabox Premium!

A QUESTABOX Parent, Debbie

In my opinion, creativity and encouragement is the best thing of this program.


While making or coding something, students explore their own questions and apply what they learn to real-world problems. 

STEAM teacher in San Francisco

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