Why Educational Matchmaking

QUESTABOX was founded with a simple goal: to help students learn from people, not from workbooks. We strive to offer the best teachers online who will provide engaging and personalized classes for each student.

Our idea started with a problem that is all too common; students lose interest in learning because they use workbooks to get knowledge or skills, or have to memorize too much information. We want to help students discover the joy of learning again and learning with people. 

Many schools or some cultures have become too focused on using test scores to assess each child’s potential and intellectual ability. Creativity, risk-taking, and other real-life skills are left behind.  We will try our best to provide meaningful connections (so-called, educational matchmaking) between you and the qualified teachers, educators, and founders who will help nurture these forgotten skills.

When connected successfully, our teachers will guide students in navigating the students' own passions, strengths, and needs.  Connecting to QUESTABOX Premium Writing teachers has been our first journey.

We believe that finding the right teachers should be easy and rewarding. It should help our students feel happy about themselves and their own learning and accomplish their personal goals with less stress. 

Everyone has the right to discover the joy of learning.


Thank you for choosing QUESTABOX Marketplace.