Summer 2023 (Santa Clara, CA)
Summer 2023 (Santa Clara, CA)
Summer 2023 (Santa Clara, CA)
Summer 2023 (Santa Clara, CA)
Summer 2023 (Santa Clara, CA)

Summer 2023 (Santa Clara, CA)

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What small impact would you like to make to your community with a DSLR camera  (a medium of photography)? Questabox teachers are dedicated to guiding you through the steps of exploring your life moments and feeling authentic and excited about finding what you really love.

Join us this summer and find your passions. That's all we would like to work on together. It's NOT about perfection, judging whether you're good enough, or a test prep. It is more about a personal journey and an invitation to explore identity, social impact, and fun/excitement.

Be open to all of your choices and interests. Your choices can be about photographing your worn-out soccer shoes, spending time with low-income seniors with no family, or giving courage to children in hospital. What is important to you? What excites you? We will be there with you in finding your hidden passions. It'll be a super cool and new experience to try out. See you soon this summer. 

This summer 2023, QUESTABOX is super excited to offer you our in-person summer workshops for our students and parents. Let's make our summer fun and meaningful!

Steps to Register
Step 1. Sign-up (Select your workshop and pay on this page)
Step 2. Receive the Registration Form and submit it by the deadline date 
Step 3. Additional forms will be sent (e.g., health form, COVID-19 screening requirement, and etc.) on June 1 

*For each step, you will be receiving a confirmation email from our admin ( 

G9-12, G7-9 Workshop: 
Storytelling through Photography

Storytelling Through Photography workshop is designed for students (rising G9-12, G7-9) to explore their passions through photography as a tool for creative storytelling.  

Workshop Objective: Inspired by Corky Lee, who captured Asian American history through photography and action, our students will learn to creatively document the moments of their lives, represent what matters to them, and share their unique stories through camera lenses.

Our two experienced teachers & curriculum developers, Minna Kim and Sean Washington hope that students will enjoy nurturing the authentic self, discovering their values, and sharing their creativity with the community through photographic storytelling.  

        • Explore the power and craft of storytelling through photography
        • Reflect and think critically about who you are 
        • Learn about the late and beloved Corky Lee and his legacy
        • One-day field trip to Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University 
        • Participate in our first Social Impact & Community-Building Photography Exhibit 
      • TARGET: Rising grades 9-12, and 7-9 
      • DURATION: 5 days (M, T, W, TH, & F)
      • MAX STUDENT #: 12 students per unit
      • GROUP & TIME: Each group is the same curriculum. 
        • Group 1 (G9-12, G7-8): 6/19-6/23, 9AM-3PM PST 
        • Group 2 (Parent): 6/19-6/23, 2 hours/day, TBA 
        • One field trip day (Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University) included in each group. More info will be provided in follow-up communication. 
      • Social Impact & Community-Building Photography Exhibit
        • Location: QUESTABOX
        • Date: TBA (in mid-July, right after Group 3) 
    • 2-2.5 hrs:  Power of Storytelling 
    • 30 min: Lunch 
    • 2-2.5 hrs: Photography 
    • 1 hr:  Open Bazaar 

    • Tuition: $1,060 
      • Early bird promotion (by 1/31, $100 off)
      • Regular application deadline (by 2/10) 
    • Registration Form: You will receive the link after your sign-up/payment. 
      • Registration form + Short essay responses
      • Security deposit agreement for camera rental (by 6/1-6/15)
      • COVID-19 screening verification (by one day prior to the first day of workshop) 
    • Security Deposit: 
      • Invoice for refundable $300 deposit will be sent on 6/1 (Payment due 6/15)
      • Camera rentals are free so students can use DSLR cameras during the workshop and at home. In order to do so, parents/guardians are required take on the liability. A credit card (of the parent/guardian) is required for the deposit. Renter accepts full liability for any damaged or lost equipment. The total value of the camera equipment is $800. 
      • Security deposits will be returned at the end of the program upon the safe return of camera equipment. Late returns will be charged 10% of the security each day the equipment is not returned.  
      • This service is optional -- if you want to bring your own camera, you do not need to make a security deposit.

Minna Questabox Intro

  • Minna Kim

    Hello! I'm a second generation Korean American with 11 years of experience as a public school educator. My passion is in seeking and co-creating life-affirming spaces that nurture healthy interdependence with the self, one another, and our beloved home planet. I am driven by the call to support our young community members in remembering who they are, what they stand for, and showing up for one another in the spirit of collective care.  

    • A second generation Korean American with 11 years of experience as a public school educator (MD, NY) 
    • MA in Elementary Inclusive Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY
    • Certified Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor 
    • Questabox Coach & Curriculum Developer 
      • College and Career Coach 
      • Storytelling through Photography
      • Healing and Transformative Parenting 
      • Improve Learning & Intelligent through Improv Games 

 Sean Questabox Intro.mp4

  • Sean Washington
    I'm Sean Washington, a Bay Area photographer and videographer from San Jose California. I'm also a multimedia and STEM educator of over 10 years. I've taught youth in subjects such as Game Design, Animation, Filmmaking and Photography. I've built and directed high end enrichment curriculum and programs for youth throughout my career. I also serve several clients throughout the Bay Area in photo and video from private events like weddings and birthdays to organizations like Google and The Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce. My passion is in the visuals arts and I'm so excited to share that passion with my students. 

    • B.S. in Media Arts and Animation, Art Institute of California, San Francisco, CA

    • Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Digital Media Academy

    • Game Designer and Art Project Manager 

    • Questabox Teacher & Curriculum Developer
      -Creative Animation Projects
      -Photography & Videography 
      -Storytelling through Photography 

      G4-6 Workshop: 
      Improv Games for Growth Mindset

      Improv Games for Growth Mindset workshop is designed for elementary students (Rising G4-6) and their parents/guardians. 

        • GOAL: Students will engage in various improv games to increase creativity, ability to tolerate uncertainty, reduce social anxiety, and boost self-confidence. Most importantly, we'll have lots of fun!

          Students will engage in improvisational games and activities to nurture social emotional learning, explore the nervous system and zones of awareness (i.e., staying in the stretch zone where learning happens), and reflect on how to integrate take-aways from this workshop into their own lives and in the school setting. We hope to support our students in feeling confident about themselves and being able to bounce back from the pandemic stress. 
        • TARGET: Rising grades 4-6 and parents 
        • TIME:
          • 3-day unit (2 hr/day) 
          • 7/5(W), 7/6 (TH), 7/7(F)
            • 1:30PM-3:30PM (2 hrs)
            • Parents and guardians can join the last 30 min every day!  - 3PM-3:30PM
        • TUITION: $216 
        • MAX STUDENT #: 12 
          • TEACHER: Ms. Minna Kim 


          Parents Workshop:
          Healing and Transformative Parenting 

          Healing and Transformative Parenting is for any parent/guardian who is interested in communication with their kids and helping them thrive in the future. 

          • GOAL: Parents and guardians will explore the neuroscience and psychology behind parenting & practice tools and develop skills for nurturing healthier relationships with our children
            • Day 1: Their Parenting We will explore tools for nurturing awareness of ourselves and others and reflect on how we were parented by our parents/guardians in the past. 
            • Day 2: My Parenting We will explore how we parent using tools for reflecting on how to relate to ourselves and others and further explore empathy as a parenting tool. 
            • Day 3: Our Parenting We will thread our deeper understanding of how we were parented and how we parent to initiate the process of transforming intergenerational impacts of parenting into healthier parent-child dynamics through practical tools and skills.
          • TARGET: Parents / Guardians 
          • TIME: 3-day unit (2 hr/day)
            • 7/5(W), 7/6 (TH), 7/7(F)
            • 10AM-12PM
          • TUITION: $ 216 
            • MAX STUDENT #: 12 
              • TEACHER: Ms. Minna Kim  




              • If you withdraw your application after March 31, there are no refunds for any reason (e.g., voluntary withdrawal, health, security/safety concerns, disciplinary actions during camp, or another other reason) 
              • If you withdraw your application before March 31, you will receive a refund. However the $50 non-refundable camp registration fee will not be included in the refund. 
              • If you're sick or have COVID-19 symptoms, you should stay home and contact a healthcare provider. 
              • There are no refunds and no make-up for any absences.