Parent Seminar Series

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Time for Parent/Guardian to Learn and Share (Virtually)! 


After a long stay at home, we, parents, are eager to find more meaningful resources and advice than ever before. QUESTABOX Premium writing teacher/writer, Andrea Kossyrev and other speakers  are going to guide us through relevant and down-to-earth advice about how to communicate and support our children to enjoy their reading and writing in school and home life. 
Join our parents community today and build up the positive learning experiences together for our children to get to their own passions, hopes, and dreams.  


Once a Month Seminar:

Sundays 4PM PST // Sundays 7PM EST // Mondays 8AM KST 

Seminar Length: 90 min
Date/Topic (Fall 2021-Spring 2022) 
  • Oct. 10 Seminar: All about Reading
    • What is okay to read? What should we read?
    • How to support my child with what questions in reading?
    • How to talk about their reading and further the points? 
  • Nov. 14 Seminar: Essay Writing Part 1
    • What needs to be there?
    • How would or can parents help students? 
  • Dec. 12 Seminar: Language Arts
    • What kinds of language arts enrichment do they need? 
    • What should be considered  in planning for the spring and summer semesters? 
  • Other Dates: 1/9, 2/13, 3/13, 4/10, 5/15
    • Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) method of education 
    • SAT and AP Prep 
    • Essay Writing Part 2
    • Why creative writing and lit. analysis skills for college and beyond 
    • Parent book club experience, ect.