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  • College Student

  • School (College) Double Major in Political Science and Sociology with a Minor in Geography (Urban Systems) at McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada  

  • (High School) New Explorations into Science Technology and Math (New York, NY); High School Diploma (2019) with CGPA: 4.0 / 4.0 
    - Awards and Honors: Certificate of Excellence administered by the Manhattan Borough President, Principal's 
    - Honor Roll, Academic Achievement Award for Advanced Placement Psychology, Academic Achievement
    - Award for Calculus Applications, National Honor Society

  • Strength as a tutor
    • Attention to detail 
    • Strive to make individual connections with students
    • Finds new and unique ways to explain concepts 
  • 3 adjectives that best describe you
    • Thorough 
    • Positive 
    • Attentive
  • Extra curricular activities
    • Hut-to-hut hiking 
    • Track Team 
    • National Honor Society 
    • WE Club (Volunteer Service) 
    • Debate Club 
    • Peer Leaders 
    • Literacy Leaders (taught students - K-5 - in one-on-one sessions and in class sessions about spelling, reading, and writing)

Scheduling your Class: 

* Sign up for one session (as a trial): You can directly sign up for one session as a trial on our website. Or you can also skip the trial class. After your payment is made, our admin will send you a confirmation email that connects you and your tutor. After that  your tutor will send you a greeting email to schedule a class day/time with you and get ready for your lesson. 

* Sign up for one unit (8 sessions): If you confirm that you would like to sign up for one unit (=8 sessions), our admin will send you an invoice and a confirmation email that connects you and your tutor.  Your tutor will send you a welcoming email. 


Olivia's Availability 

  • Time Zone: EST
  • Available: 
    • Flexible in the summer (weekdays and weekends)
    • Fall and after schedule: TBD
  • Unavailable: TBD

Available Tutoring:  

Special Units

  • Cooking/Baking for ESL students 
    • Open to students of all ages; students don't have to cook in class. 
    • You will be welcomed into my kitchen as I cook/bake a dish and you will advance your conversational english skills as we talk and ask questions and learn about cooking/baking.
    • Lesson Goals: 
      • Learn to converse in english easier in day-to-day interactions 
      • Learn to express yourself e.g., your likes and dislikes, solving problems/creating solutions
      • Building up vocabulary concerning food culture, measurements, instructional, transitional phrases; Break down recipes into simple steps 
      • Assist with fluency in English 
    • Examples: 
      • Cooking 
        • Fried rice 
        • Spinach cheese egg wraps 
        • Spaghetti 
        • Pesto gnocchi 
        • Burgers
      • Baking 
        • Lemon squares 
        • Snickerdoodles 
        • Scones
        • Chocolate chip cookies 
  • Professional Writing Work / Styling - I can provide expertise in wording and organizing resumes, emails, and cover letters. 
    • Learn appropriate vocabulary 
    • Learn structure / organization 
    • Learning to…
      • express yourself (ex. Writing about your experience in you resume)
      • socialize and make friends (ex. You just moved to a new neighborhood and you want to meet new people) 
      • express concerns through writing
      • ask for help (ex. Requesting services from a company)

Regular Units

  • English for School Age Students 
    • Reading comprehension 
    • Grammar 
    • Writing 
      • Creative writing 
      • Essay writing 
      • Academic writing (paragraph structuring and organization)
      • State test / AP writing structure 
  • Math (Grades: K-10) - My lessons can help understand questions and word problems and eventually teach students to translate mathematical terms into their own words to learn problem solving.I specialize in breaking down algebra and explaining topics such as solving inequalities and graphing functions for students who struggle with grasping these concepts. I can help put word problems into more basic terms that they can use to better understand what the question is asking and help them to translate the problem for themselves independently.
  • Basic Physics (High School) - I am confident in teaching Newton’s Laws of motion, the relationship between mass, force, and weight, and the different types of energy.
      • Heat 
      • Waves 
      • Gravity 
      • Motion 
      • Forces 
    • Regents Physics Exam 
      • Barron’s Review Book 
    • Understanding the Reference Sheet 

Cancellation and Refund: 

  • You can cancel the classes any time. The cancellation should be made in advance in writing. The remaining untaught classes after the cancellation notification will be refunded.  
  • If you unable to attend a class you booked, our cancellation policy will be applied. 
    • You can cancel a class 24 hours before the start of the scheduled class without penalty. 
    • If you cancel it within 24 hours of the start time, there is a late cancellation fee ($10). 
    • If you miss a class without canceling ahead of time,​ the class will be counted as an absence, and there will be no refunds or rescheduling (100% class fee for the session will be applied) because the tutor’s hour was already taken.