Music/Voice Project
Music/Voice Project
Music/Voice Project
Music/Voice Project

Music/Voice Project

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    Ms. Kaarin's Voice Lessons:

    1. One Point Coaching (30min): This lesson is for anyone, children, parents, and adults (1:1 only) who would like to enjoy music and singing better. Bring your favorite piece you would like to sing. Ms. Kaarin will listen and help you find your habit, strength, and area to improve. 

    2. Learn to Read Music (40min): Another program is to help school-aged students (small group or 1:1) build up the foundation of reading music and training their ears and voices. When students are ready, there are two tracks to explore: Performance Project Track and Written (Musical) Project Track. 

    Teacher: Ms. Kaarin 

      • QUESTABOX Book Club teacher for Grades K-4 groups 
      • Professional operatic mezzo-soprano based in Boston, MA and Houston, TX
      • University instructor of a section of Lyric Vocal Diction for Singers in French, German, Italian, Spanish and English languages
      • Professional voice teacher specializing in classical and musical theater genres
      • B.M. from University of Hartford's the Hartt School and a M.M. from the University of Houston

    Available Class Time: (Please contact QUESTABOX Admin for available spots.)  

    Mondays 2PM-5PM PST (5PM-8PM EST)
    Tuesdays 1PM-3PM PST (4PM-6PM EST) 
    Wednesdays  1PM-3PM PST (4PM-6PM EST) 

    (1) One Point Coaching Program:

    • One Unit: 4 sessions
    • Trial session is available (paid 30-min lesson)
    • You can bring any of your favorite song such as jazz, pop, classical, children's song, K-pop, and more. 
    • Great for anyone (children, parents/adults) who would like to sing their favorite songs better and enjoy singing 
    • Class length: 30 min / session 
    • Available Class Time: TBD after consultation 
    • 1:1 lesson only 

    (2) Learn to Read Music Program:

    • One Unit: 8 sessions 
    • Class length: 40 min / session 
    • Available Class Time: (above)
    • Trial session is available (40-min lesson)
    • Great for anyone (elementary, middle, high schools) 
    • Focus: having a fun exploration of one's own voice (in speaking and singing), music theory, and fundamentals of reading music 
    • Each small group class has up to 3 spots available. 1:1 tutoring classes are available too. 
    • Learn to Read Music Curriculum by Unit (each unit: 8 week, the curriculum may be adjusted depending on student progress and needs) 
      • Unit 1: Fundamentals of Reading Music on the Staff 
      • Unit 2: Aural Skills
      • Unit 3: Basics of Music History 
      • Unit 4: World Music 
      • Unit 5: Basics of Singing (Anatomy of the Voice and Vocal Warm-ups and more) 
    • Students will need: 
      • Pencil with a good eraser
      • Ruler (or something to draw straight lines)
      • Plenty of unlined, white printer paper
      • A folder of binder to keep notes/classwork/homework
    • Program Objectives:
      • Students will grasp the fundamentals of reading music on the staff (Unit 1)
      • Students will grasp the fundamentals of sight reading (sight-singing) (Unit 2)
      • Students will have a basic understanding of the evolution of Classical Music and its influence in popular genres today (Unit 3)
      • Students will be exposed to a variety of World Music and gain an understanding of the importance of the music of different cultures and how this music shapes and defines their way of life. (Unit 4)
      • Students will gain a basic understanding of the way the human voice functions asan instrument as well as voice types and how they are used in current-day practice across various genres of music. (Unit 5)
    • Projects
      • Performance Project Track
      • Written Project Track
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          • You can join or drop out your classroom anytime. If you join in the middle, the tuition will be prorated for the first month. It's for the first month only.  

          • After signing up the class, your will be receiving a confirmation email about your class. 


          • Small group class has up to 3 spots available. Ms. Kaarin  teaches 1:1 tutoring classes as well. 

          • Absence & Make-up Policy: For group classes, there will be "No make up" for the absent online group classes. "No refund" for the absent online group classes. For 1:1 tutoring classes, you can reschedule your class without a penalty if you cancel it 24 hours before the class starts. If you cancel it within 24 hours before the class starts, there will be a late cancellation fee ($10). If you are absent without cancellation, there will be a fee (a 100% full session tuition) for the missed session. 

          • Cancellation & Refund Policy: If you cancel before the first class, you will get a full refund. The registration fee (non-refundable $50 for new members) is excluded. If you cancel in the middle, the 50% of the remaining classes will be refunded. Cancellation should be requested in writing

          • There will be 8 sessions per unit. You will receive a new invoice for a next unit. Your tuition payment is due before the first day of each unit. Payment after the first class will incur a late fee of $5 per week on the outstanding amount.

          • For more, please refer to Cancellation and Refund Policy