Ms. Josephine's History & English Workshop
Ms. Josephine's History & English Workshop

Ms. Josephine's History & English Workshop

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Teacher Bio: Josephine Kim 
  • Wellesley College alumnae (B.A., History, 2020)
  • Georgetown University graduate student (M.A., Global, International, and Comparative History, 2023) 
  • Greeting from Ms. Josephine: Hi everyone! Based on my work-study adventures in Latin America, Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, I have learned that there is a special opportunity for you every time you enter an unfamiliar environment and/or engage with fresh faces.  You can discover something unexpected about yourself and the larger stories you are a part of.  If your life is a puzzle board, you have the challenge of figuring out which pieces you have, which one goes where, who you want to be helped by, and whose puzzle boards you will contribute to.  As a current student myself, I reflect often on what drives me to learn. Wonder, memories, conflict, confusion, delight, and hope are just a few things.  I hope you encounter or continue to nourish what energizes you to learn in my guided workshops.  Come learn about yourself and build new creative skills, but most importantly, have fun in the process with your classmates and me!
  • (P.S. When I am not reading piles of fascinating books, practicing languages, or scribbling in my notebook, I am cooking up a storm, meeting new friends, or making music. I can't wait to find out what hobbies you like too) 

Bringing Stories to Life Workshop (Identity / Belonging Unit) 

This workshop is designed to provide positive cultural exposures and open-ended discussions for students to explore and enjoy. The students will be encouraged to make and share their own definitions about belonging, identity, and communities while working on hands-on projects each day. 

  • Dates: Total 4 sessions are included
  • Group registration (min 3 kids - max 6 kids) 
  • Time: 4 days in June and July, or early August 
    Dates will be decided by group 
  • Class Length: each session is 2-hour long. 
  • Target: Grades 3-6, Grades 7-8 
  • GoalStudents will have fun discovering and exploring their own stories and the stories of others through the lens of identity, community, heritage, and more. They will construct creative, hands-on projects, including a photobook, self-directed video, scrapbook or art bulletin board, and essay with a visual "mind map." 
  • Keywords: ESL-friendly, English immersion, creative reflection, project-based learning, hands-on activities, history, identity, exploration, Korean (Korean American) heritage
  • Note:
    • Minimum three students are required to open the workshop. 
    • Materials list will be sent after registration. Students will bring them in the zoom class.