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  • College Student
  • School: Pre-Med program in McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • Strength as a tutor
    • Experience working with children: I have experience working with children from my time as a student dance instructor, and as a mentor through an organization called Homework Zone, which aimed to provide academic support and mentorship to young students in socioeconomically challenged regions in Montréal. I’ve learned how to interact and understand the perspective of those in younger age groups, which I believe helps me work with children in a conducive manner during tutoring sessions!
    • Adaptable and accommodating to the needs of others:I have always been quick to adapt to the needs of others when necessary. As a tutor, this allows me to efficiently adjust lesson plans to accommodate and prioritize the needs of the student, which I believe is essential for their long-term success.
    • Sociable and enjoys interacting with others: I love meeting with people and interacting with others. It always brings me so much excitement, and I believe this energy allows me to bring a lot of positivity to tutoring sessions!
  • 3 adjectives that best describe you
    • Empathetic
    • Dedicated
    • Motivated
  • Extra curricular activities
    • I was a dancer at my hometown studio in Calgary, Alberta for over 15 years where I trained in various dance disciplines, such as ballet, jazz, contemporary and lyrical, and I also participated in competitions. In addition, I volunteered as a student dance instructor where I helped younger dancers during class and assisted the main instructor. At university, I volunteered as a mentor through an organization called Homework Zone, which aimed to provide academic and mentorship support to young students in socioeconomically challenged neighborhoods in Montréal. I also volunteered as an orientation leader for several years where I helped welcome new students to the university and the city of Montréal.
    • Currently, I am a dancer with the Alegria Contemporary Ballet Company, which is a dance club affiliated with McGill University. As a member, I train in classical and contemporary ballet, choreograph, and perform for events. I am also a part of the executive team for Alegria as VP External, where I help facilitate contact between the club and external organizations, such as other clubs or potential sponsors. Whenever I go back to my hometown, Calgary, I volunteer with an organization called YouQuest, which aims to provide support for individuals with young onset dementia. As a volunteer, I participate in activities planned by recreational therapists, and I also help monitor the physical and cognitive well being of participants.

Scheduling your Class: 

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Elaine's Availability 

  • Time Zone: EST 
  • Available: 
    • Very flexible over the summer
    • During the academic year: Mondays (evening), Tuesdays (evening), Fridays (evening), Weekends (anytime)
  • Unavailable: 
    • During the academic year: Wednesdays & Thursdays


Available Tutoring:

  •  Mathematics (G4-6)

    In this course, we will go over the principles of mathematical problem-solving as well as strategies for approaching the variety of problems that a student may encounter at school, which may range from arithmetic to word problems. In addition to learning how to solve the problems, students will develop an understanding of whythey can approach questions in such a way. Because the strengths and weaknesses of every student are unique, the lessons will be personalized as much as possible to help target the areas where the student feels they need improvement, and to accommodate the learning styles of the student.

  •  English Writing (G4-6)

    In this course, we will have weekly writing homework for students (academic writing, school writing, or creative short stories writing) and the students will revise and improve the draft with me in class, learn new vocabulary, and take weekly vocabulary quiz. The lessons will be personalized to help the students build up the basic writing skills and expand vocabulary. 


Cancellation and Refund: 

  • You can cancel the classes any time. The cancellation should be made in advance in writing. The remaining untaught classes after the cancellation notification will be refunded.  
  • If you unable to attend a class you booked, our cancellation policy will be applied. 
    • You can cancel a class 24 hours before the start of the scheduled class without penalty. 
    • If you cancel it within 24 hours of the start time, there is a late cancellation fee ($10). 
    • If you miss a class without canceling ahead of time,​ the class will be counted as an absence, and there will be no refunds or rescheduling (100% class fee for the session will be applied) because the tutor’s hour was already taken.