Book Club (small group)

Book Club (small group)

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[How to Register]
  • Email us at
  • Submit Class Sign-Up Form
  • Receive an available group and spot
  • Receive the invoice 
  • Make a payment 


  • Small group guided reading and book discussion 
  • Monthly Payment (due on the first day of each month, 4 sessions a month)
  • No Make-up and No Refund for the absent online group classes.  

[Class Information]

  • Grade Group: K, 1, 2, 3-4, & 4-5
  • Once a week, class length: 1 hour 
  • Classroom Name and Tuition Rate 
    • Classroom ONE $50/hr 
    • Classroom TWO $40/hr
    • Classroom THREE $30/hr
    • Classroom Four $20/hr
  • Pay by month (=4 sessions)
  • Book Choice: Recommended by teachers and students
  • Reading Goals:
    • Engagement (focus and stamina)
    • Reading Fluency 
    • Comprehension (fiction, nonfiction)
    • Conversation
    • Book Response Writing
  • Class Component:
    • Guided Reading: prompting and guiding students for book discussion and key reading ideas/strategies.
    • Journaling: writing or drawing about reading
    • Homework: reading a new book per week


[More Information]

  • You can join or drop out your classroom anytime.

  • When you join, you should pay the tuition of your Classroom # on the first month. Your tuition will be updated from the next month's payment day.

  • When someone drops out, your tuition will remain the same during that month, but will be updated from the next month's payment day.

  • Absence & Make-up Policy: No make up for the absent online group classes. No refund for the absent online group classes. 

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy: If you cancel before the first class, you will get a full refund. The registration fee (non-refundable $50 for new members) is excluded. If you cancel in the middle, the 50% of the remaining classes will be refunded. Cancellation should be requested in writing

  • There are total 3 units for each grade group (i.e., K, 1, 2, 3-4, 4-5). Each unit is a 4-month long period (=16 lessons) where different reading or writing goals are embedded. For each grade, there are 48 reading lessons and 48 writing lessons in total per year.

  • Invoice & Payment Policy: 
    • You will receive the next month's invoice on the 27th of the current month. 
    • If you would like to drop off the class for the next month, please notify us by the 25th of the current month. 
    • Once invoice is sent out, we will not be able to change the schedule or classroom name.
    • Your tuition payment is due the first day of each month. 
    • Payment after the first class will incur a late fee of $5 per week on the outstanding amount.
    • For more, please refer to Cancellation and Refund Policy 
For example, our Invoice and Payment dates for September would be: 
    • 8/25: Deadline for dropping off the class or taking a break
    • 8/27: Invoice date (**No change on Classroom Name after the date)
    • 9/1: Payment due 
    • Late fee: $5 per week after the first class