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Continue to make your teaching experiences interesting and meaningful with QUESTABOX. Our teachers are inspiring, supportive, and focus on engaging every student in self-directed learning and creativity.

HIRING (Part-time Teaching Positions) 

After-school Teachers Position

  • Location: San Jose, CA 
  • Submit your resume and job application form. 
  • Area: Literacy, Writing, STEAM projects, Programming, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, etc. 
  • Qualification:
    • Basic understanding of how children learn - literacy development
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Teaching experience in a formal school setting is a plus
  • Specific Duties: lesson planning, lesson delivery, student progress reports 
  • Compensation: Salary rate varies depending on teaching experience (ranges $15/hr to $40/hr)

Camps Abroad Teachers Position

  • Location: Seoul, Korea and/or Calgary, Canada
  • Submit your competed application form and a personal essay. 
  • Application Deadline: November 2019
  • Qualification:
    • Basic understanding of responsive classroom
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Capability to deal with emergency situations 
    • Teaching experience in a formal school setting is a plus
    • Leader experience in a sleepover camp setting is a plus. 
  • Camp Period : Summer 2020 (TBA) 
  • Compensation: TBA 
  • Interview Schedule: TBA
  • Training Schedule: TBA