Book Club Project

Book Club Project

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[How to Register]
  • Email us at
  • Submit your class sign-up form 
  • Receive an available group and spot 
  • Receive the invoice from the admin
  • Make a payment (monthly payment due the 1st day of each month) 

[Book Club Project Objective]

  • QX Book Club Project would like to help student enjoy expressing themselves in various ways while reading books and authors they read.  Lesson topics will be focusing on reading fluency, vocabulary building, perspective, analysis, and discussion skills. And students will work on their artwork or website project for the books they read as their final production of the year 2021-2022.  
  • Class Time (1-hr sessions): M-F, 2PM, 3PM, & 4PM PST -- Contact the admin 
  • Book Club Final Project: 
    • GK/G1: Interactive Book Report or Notebook 
    • G2-3/Advanced: Creative Website Production about the books and authors they read 

[Class Information]

  • Grade Group: K, 1, 2-3 (& Advanced)
  • Once a week, class length: 1 hour 
  • Classroom Name and Tuition Rate 
    • Classroom ONE $50/hr 
    • Classroom TWO $40/hr
    • Classroom THREE $30/hr
    • Classroom Four $20/hr
  • Pay by month (=4 sessions)
  • Book Club Lesson Structure:
    • Warm-up: vocabulary/ spelling review/ sentence structure drills 
    • Today's Skill Lesson (e.g., analysis, vocabulary, writing structure, summarization, etc depending on different books and student groups)
    • Book Discussion (differentiated depending on student groups)
    • Guided Writing Practice (related to the book they read)
    • Homework: (will be related to their projects by age groups)
      • GK/G1: vocabulary and small guided writing practice
      • G2-3/Advanced: final product (website for all books they read)

[More Information]

  • You can join or drop out your classroom anytime.

  • When you join, you should pay the tuition of your Classroom # on the first month. Your tuition will be updated from the next month's payment day.

  • When someone drops out, your tuition will remain the same during that month, but will be updated from the next month's payment day.

  • Absence & Make-up Policy: No make up for the absent online group classes. No refund for the absent online group classes. 

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy: If you cancel before the first class, you will get a full refund. The registration fee (non-refundable $50 for new members) is excluded. If you cancel in the middle, the 50% of the remaining classes will be refunded. Cancellation should be requested in writing

  • For each grade group, there are 40 lessons this year starting the first week of September, 2021 and ending the last week of June, 2022.  

  • Invoice & Payment Policy: 
    • You will receive the next month's invoice on the 4th Monday of the current month. 
    • Our admin will send out a Drop & Change Class email on the 3rd Monday of each Month. If you would like to drop off the class or chance groups for the next month, you must notify us by the 3rd week of each month before the invoice is issued. 
    • Once the invoice is sent out on the 4th Monday, we will not be able to change the schedule or classroom name.
    • Your tuition payment is due the first day of each month. 
    • Payment after the first class will incur a late fee of $5 per week on the outstanding amount.
    • For more, please refer to Cancellation and Refund Policy 
For example, our Invoice and Payment dates for October 2021 would be: 
  • Third Monday of Sept.(9/20): Deadline for dropping off the class or taking a break
  • Fourth Monday of Sept.(9/27): Invoice date (**No change on Classroom Name after the date) 
  • First Day of Oct. (10/4): Tuition payment due 
  • Late payment fee: $5 per week will be applied after the first class