Ms. Andrea's Special Workshop - Write Who You Are
Ms. Andrea's Special Workshop - Write Who You Are

Ms. Andrea's Special Workshop - Write Who You Are

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Since the pandemic, we are eager to find more meaningful resources and advice than ever before. Ms. Andrea Kossyrev, a writer and QUESTABOX Premium writing teacher is going to guide us through relevant and down-to-earth advice about writing. 

Join our workshop and discover your passions, hopes, and dreams.  
Ms. Andrea's Special Workshop is starting October 16. 
Time: Sundays 4PM PST (7PM EST) 
Length: 1 hour   
Zoom Link: TBA
Target: G6-11 students or parents 
Workshop Detail: 
  Session #1 (10/16): Rhetoric Awareness in Writing, 말과 글의 핵심과 힘 
  Session #2 (12/4): Creative Writing's Role in Academic Writing, 창의적 글쓰기의 역할 
  Session #3 (2/12): Reading like a Writer & Self Writing, 독자가 아닌 작가가 되어 글읽기 
  Session #4 (3/26): Successful College Essay Writing, 성공적인 대학 에세이 라이팅 
  Parent Packet (4 sessions included) - $48/person 
  Student Packet (4 sessions included) - $40/person 
  Individual Session - $20/session per person 

Greeting from Ms. Andrea
I have always been a teacher, but I have been teaching professionally for five years and currently hold a Clear Credential in California for Secondary English. I was previously licensed in Colorado, where I got started with my teaching career. I love working with students to find their passions, and my favorite moments are those when students have been struggling and finally have that "ah-ha!" feeling. My undergraduate degree is in English, Secondary Education from the University of Northern Colorado, and I'm working toward a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Like most English teachers, I describe myself as a voracious reader with broad literary (and non-literary) interests, and I hope that soon young adults will be reading books I have written.
B.A. English, Secondary Education, Univ. of Northern Colorado
M.F.A. in Creative Writing, University of Massachusetts, Boston 
A New Project, Adult Creative Writing Group, is Coming Soon! 
Adult Creative Writing Group is opening soon. The goal is to meet & work in a small group, brainstorm & draft one's stories, share & improve them, and make friends.  Ms. Andrea will join our group as a facilitator / teacher and would love to provide each student personalized feedback. It will be the best opportunity to improve your English conversation and build up the confidence in writing!
If you're interested, please email us at we will get back to you with more info (e.g., location and group). Hope to see you there!