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Class Quantity/Duration:  
1 session for trial
8 sessions for 1 semester
16 sessions for 2 semesters
32 sessions for 4 semesters


4585 Stevens Creek Blvd. Ste. 201
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 606-8425
School Year Office Hours: 
Mon-Fri: 2pm-6pm
Sat-Sun: Closed 


" California Director's Recommendations "
ONE. Writers & Makers Class
Create your own stories through various interesting books and authors and hands-on STEAM projects. Along the way, try something new, test and share it, and influence others. For middle and high school students, join our Advanced Writers' Studio to take your writing to the next levels!
TWO. Scribble Art
Let's become Scribblers! Miniscribblers (ages 2-3) will learn to fully use their five senses, play hard, and make sense of the world outside.  Pre-scribblers (ages 3-4) will see their language and (fine & gross) motor skills flourish while working on messy and fun artwork. Scribblers (K-2+) are ready to think like artists, talk like artists, and solve problems as artists.
THREE. Hands-on Chinese 
Hop in and go on our Chinese adventures. We will enjoy learning to speak the Chinese language through various fun, multi-sensory, and developmentally-appropriate projects of music, art, drama, math, science, and more.