BECOMING A YOUTUBER - Global Impact and Leadership

BECOMING A YOUTUBER - Global Impact and Leadership

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QUESTABOX SUMMERS CONNECTED (2020) is looking to help make your summer fun and meaning. We strive to provide creative coaching and help create interesting projects and communities based on your interests and passions along the way.

Becoming a Youtuber for Global Impact and Leadership: Learning exchanges will be guided by expert global educators who will help students design their own Youtube channel to share lessons, create contents, and make exciting cultural exchange lessons. This program is a great opportunity for students to reach beyond themselves and make a global difference with a long-lasting impact for both students in South Korea and in the U.S.! Students will gain leadership skills, deepen their global cultural competency and design innovative ways of connecting across geographic, language and cultural barriers!

BECOMING A YOUTUBER for Students in South Korea

Time: 7/14~7/31 KST (T-F, Tue & Wed: 2 hours, Thur & Fri: 3 hours)

  • Online
  • My 15-Day Project 
  • Learn to plan and develop creative online contents about your passions
  • Write for your channel
  • Improve your photography, videography, and editing skills
  • You will be able to open your own Youtube channel after this summer!

Important info:

  • Start Date: Tue. 7/14 KST (= 7/13 PT) 
  • End Date: Fri. 7/31 KST (=7/30 PT)
  • Schedule (15 days, T-F):
    • Tue & Wed: 9AM-11AM KST (2 hours)
    • Thur & Fri: 9AM-12PM KST (3 hours)
  • 1:4 teacher-student ratio 

Lesson Structure:

  • Morning Meeting 
  • Learning Block 
  • Writing Block 
  • Break / Snack Time 
  • Creating Block 

 What My 15-Day Project Looks Like:

1. Choose a topic you are knowledgeable about, talented at, or curious about.

2. Submit a proposal to your teacher including three information.  

3. After your proposal is approved, you may begin planning your videos.

  • Write a script
  • Gather the necessary tools and materials
  • Set up the scene

4. Once you have a plan for your channel and videos, you may start the creative process.

5. After you’ve filmed all your content, it’s time for editing.

6. Repeat the cycle and watch your channel blossom.

7. Subscribe each other and be supportive.

1) Add your desired camp product to your cart. 
2) Make a payment 
3) A camp application packet and more information will be sent by email.


Class Cancellation & Refund Policy 

1) Application Fee ($50) is non-refundable and will be included in the total tuition.
2) If you cancel your registration before the program starts, you will get a full refund, but the application fee will be excluded.
3) No refund when you are absent or late.  
4) No make-up when you are absent or late. 
5) You can cancel your program anytime. You must notify your cancellation by email in advance. Once the program starts and if you cancel in the middle of the program, you will receive the refund for 50% of the remaining classes after the cancellation email.