Psychology + Writing Workshop

Psychology + Writing Workshop

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Psychology Workshops for Students

Teacher: Ms. Allison

Hello! My name is Allison Rose. I attended the University of Michigan and obtained my bachelor's degree in English with a teaching certificate in English and Psychology. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work with secondary students (grades 9-12) in both charter and public schools amidst diverse learners where I was able to collaborate with colleagues to develop curriculum in addition to conveying my passion for literature to students in the classroom. At Questabox, I have been privileged to work with students creatively and help them refine necessary skills with writing and analyzing literature. 
Project 1: Do you Know How Human Beings Learn and Act? 

Project Unit: 8 sessions 

Class Length: 60 min 

Grade Levels: 4th grade and up (class materials and contents may be adjusted to the students groups; G4-5, G6-11) 

Class Size: min 4 students and max 6 students (Class is open with min. 4 kids)

Essential Questions:
  * What parts of our brain control our various functions?
  * How does our brain both help us as well as sometimes inhibit us?
  * How do we use our brain for language, memory, and behavior?
  * How can learning about our brains help us maximize its potential?

Activities and Experiments:
  * Optical illusions—create your own optical illusion!
  * Experiment: Read out words that are one color (e.g., yellow) but say another (e.g., red). What happens?
  * Social Experiment: See if you can influence other people's behaviors by making them answer questions incorrectly in order to fit in with the group! 
  * Memory games—fun ways to make memorizing meaningful!

Students will be mostly performing informational writing; for instance, with the experiments mentioned above, they would write about their observations and procedures. Also, they will have a research writing opportunity. With regard to the reading, much of what they will be looking at will be nonfiction case studies.  Some supplemental fiction reading recommendations can be provided for interested students.

Other Psychology Projects are Coming Soon 

Project 2: People are shaped entirely by their external environment?  
Project 3: When People behave in an extreme and unacceptable way