Make-up Art Class
Make-up Art Class
Make-up Art Class
Make-up Art Class

Make-up Art Class

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Ms. Sunny Bourgeois is a professional make-up artist, trained and certified in NYC since 2003. She is a mom and advocate for clean beauty and has worked with Sephora, Amorepacific, Amazon, Comedy Central, Snaptchat and more. The skills she teaches and her message about beauty and self expression are inspirational for adults, teens, and children.

Curriculum Topics: skincare consultation, bone structure analysis, complexion makeup application, point-color make-up application, various application techniques, and consultation about before make-up, after-make-up, and inspiration image 

Target students: adults and teens 

New Year's Promotion for Make-Up Art Classes 

  • Trial Class (1:1,  60min) - $25/session, one-time only 
  • 1:1 Class (60min) - $50 for one session, $100  for a package of 3 sessions
    • Basic class (prerequisite
    • Technique class (intermediate
  • Party Package (90min, adults and teens) - including a complimentary 1:1 60-min session for a birthday person or a party host 
    • Elementary students 
    • Teens
    • Adults
  • Future Workshop Themes:
      • False eyelash and Makeup for Mask 
      • Color Choice and Contouring
      • Supply: Product Choice + Clean Beauty
      • Self-image: West and East 
      • Environment and Skin Care 
      • Character make-up 

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    • After signing up a class on the website, your will be receiving a confirmation email to confirm your preferred and available schedules. 


    • Ms. Sunny's Make-up Art programs include 1) basic level (prerequisite) for adults and teens, 2) intermediate level (techniques) for adults and teens, and 3) kids-appropriate hands-on project for children and teens (grades 2 and up).  The class formats are 1:1, 1:4 groups, workshops, trials (1:1), or party package (e.g., birthday, holiday, ladies night, playdates, etc). 

    • Absence & Make-up Policy: For group classes, there will be "No make up" and "No refund" for the absent online group classes. For 1:1 tutoring classes, you can reschedule your class without a penalty if you cancel it 24 hours before the class starts. If you cancel it within 24 hours before the class starts, there will be a late cancellation fee ($10). If you are absent without cancellation, there will be a fee (a 100% full session tuition) for the missed session. 

    • Cancellation & Refund Policy: If you cancel before the first class, you will get a full refund. If you cancel in the middle, the 50% of the remaining classes will be refunded. Cancellation should be requested in writing

    • There is a one-time Registration Fee (non-refundable $50) for new members of QUESTABOX if you register for a regular semester.


    • Ms. Sunny's Make-up Art curriculum will be 4 sessions per unit. You will receive a new invoice for a next unit. Your tuition payment is due before the first day of each unit. Payment after the first class will incur a late fee of $5 per week on the outstanding amount.