Creative Group Project

Creative Group Project

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  • Pay by Unit (One Unit = 8 weeks)
  • Group Projects (Group size: 3 to 5 students in class) 


  • Global Languages while Cooking (TBA) 
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Korean
    • German and more
  • Scribble Art Workshop (1 hour, PreK-3, Adult) 
    • Twice a week
    • Join us for a story, art game, and a high quality, exploratory art project! Students are turning various materials and tools on their heads to see what happens and making big and small experiments and adventures. 
  • Global Contents Creators (2 hours, G2-9) 
    • Once a week
    • Becoming a YouTuber (G5-9) - Learn to plan and develop creative online contents about your passions. Write for your channel. Improve your photography, videography, and editing skills.
    • Host Your Own Game Show (G2-4) - Choose your topics of interest. Research and create hands-on challenges. Make and Host your own game show like "Jeopardy!" or "Family Feud." You will be a creative writer for your show! 
  • Videography / Photography (90 min, G4+)
    • Once a week 
    • Videography (G4-8, G9-12) - Explore and learn the foundational concepts of cinematography / videography through hands-on projects (90 min)
    • Photography (G4-8, G9-12) - Go out and create your own mini photography projects. Learn basic creative skills for photography and storytelling (90 min)
  • Voice Training / Music (60 min, G2+, Adult
    • Once a week
    • Voice Training / Singing - Learn to use your voice for speaking, singing, and storytelling to express yourself in various ways.
    • 1:1 lesson is also available.