Fiction Writing Workshop (Ms. Andrea)

Fiction Writing Workshop (Ms. Andrea)

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Project Title: Ms. Andrea's Fiction Writing Workshop  
Grade Group:
Grades 8-12 in fall 2021
Class Time: 
Mon & Thu 1PM-3PM PST (=4PM-6PM EST)

(Total six 120-min sessions, One Unit)

  • Dates: 6/21, 6/24, 6/28, 7/1, 7/5, & 7/8
  • Meeting twice a week (M & TH) 
  • Class length: 120 min

Teacher Bio: Ms. Andrea 
I have always been a teacher, but I have been teaching professionally for four years and currently hold a Clear Credential in California for Secondary English. I was previously licensed in Colorado, where I got started with my teaching career. I love working with students to find their passions, and my favorite moments are those when students have been struggling and finally have that "ah-ha!" feeling. My undergraduate degree is in English, Secondary Education from the University of Northern Colorado, and I'm working toward a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Like most English teachers, I describe myself as a voracious reader with broad literary (and non-literary) interests, and I hope that soon young adults will be reading books I have written.
B.A. English, Secondary Education, Univ. of Northern Colorado
M.F.A. in Creative Writing, University of Massachusetts, Boston (present)

Project Content

A. Overarching questions: What does it look like to study creative writing? How do I ask for and receive feedback on my work? What terminology should I know and understand in order to further talk about my work?
This is a writing-intensive course and will include at least one reading for each class in addition to the writing load.
B. General Plan:
Note that this is very rough, but it gives a general outline of what I’d like to cover.

  • Pre-work: two writing exercises + read a couple of stories relevant for craft lesson
  • Day 1: Craft elements + 1 in-class exercise and 1 homework exercise + workshop days sign up
  • Day 2: How to respond to work + what revision looks like + revision homework and commenting on a practice story
  • Day 3: The practice workshop utilizing prework + story turn-in for workshoppers
  • Day 4: Writing exercises + Workshops
  • Day 5: Writing exercises + Workshops
  • Day 6: Reflection, alternative models, etc.

Some Rationale from Ms. Andrea:
The age-range here is big, but I think it always is amongst writers (except maybe during K-12, when students are grouped based on age). All perspectives are useful in writing, and we will talk about how every person is an authority.

  • After signing up for the project, your will be receiving a confirmation email. 
    • Class Size: max. 6 students 
    • Absence & Make-up Policy: No make up for the absent online classes. No refund for the absent online classes. 
    • Cancellation & Refund Policy:
      - If you cancel before the April 30, you will get a full refund.
  • Request for a refund must be received in writing. The summer project application fee (non-refundable $50) will be excluded from the refund.
    - If you cancel after April 30, there will be no refund. 
    - No adjustment of fees if a student is withdrawn during the summer program.
    - No refund and no make-up for the absent or late classes.
    - No adjustment of fees if a student is dismissed for conduct prejudicial to the discipline and/or good name of our organization.