Parent Seminar Series (online)

Parent Seminar Series (online)

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May 15 Seminar: # Writing the College Essay!
Sunday 5/15 4pm PST = 7pm EST
(Korea: 5/16, Mon 8AM KST) 

After a long stay at home, we, parents, are eager to find more meaningful resources and advice than ever before. QUESTABOX Premium writing teacher/writer, Andrea Kossyrev and other speakers  are going to guide us through relevant and down-to-earth advice about how to communicate and support our children to enjoy their reading and writing in school and home life. 

Join our parents community today and build up the positive learning experiences together for our children to get to their own passions, hopes, and dreams.  

Monthly Seminars

Ms. Andrea (EST)
Sundays 4PM PST (=Sundays 7PM EST = Mondays 8AM KST) 
Seminar Length: 90 min

Mr. Francis (GMT) 
Saturdays, 4PM PST (=Saturdays 7PM EST = Sundays 9AM KST) 
Seminar Length: 60 min

Date/Topic (2021-2022) 

    • Oct. 10 Seminar: All about Reading
      • What is okay to read? What should we read?
      • How to support my child with what questions in reading?
      • How to talk about their reading and further the points? 
    • Nov. 14 Seminar: Essay Writing Part 1
      • What needs to be there?
      • How would or can parents help students? 
    • Dec. 12 Seminar: Programs for College Prep
      • What should my student be involved in?
    • Jan 16 (Sun) Seminar: Keeping Kids Creative 
      • How Creative Writing Practices Can Foster Academic Writing Skills 
      • Examples of creative writing 
      • What it means to the college prep process 
  •  Feb. 5 (Sat) Seminar: Oxford-Cambridge Education 
    • Mr. Francis 
    • 2/5 (Sat) 4PM PST = 7PM EST, (=Korea: 2/6 Sun, 9AM KST) 
    • 45-60 min seminar with Mr. Francis Martin, a teacher from the UK who holds degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of London. He has taught students based in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the USA, as well as in his hometown of London.
    • Mr. Francis will explain how an ‘Oxbridge-style education’ combines the best of knowledge-based and skills-based approaches. Drawing on his experience in academic institutions in the UK as well as his international teaching practice, he will explain how discussion is an invaluable method for developing critical thinking and consolidating knowledge. In addition, Francis will offer some tips as to how to help students of all ages develop critical thinking skills in conjunction with knowledge acquisition.
  • Feb 13 (Sun) Seminar: Timed-Writing, Trips & Tricks 
    • Ms. Andrea -- Essay Writing Part 2 
    • 2/13 (Sun) 4PM PST = 7PM EST, (=Korea: 2/14 Mon, 9AM KST)  
    • We have been exploring interesting topics so far since last year. This February seminar with Ms. Andrea will talk about Time-Writing. What is timed-writing? It's also called timed essays, essay exams, or in-class essays. These essays require students to demonstrate disciplinary knowledge by producing a writing sample (to a prompt) within a limited time period. 


  • April 10 (Sun) Seminar: #ReadingGoals
    • Sunday 4PM PST = 7PM EST (Korea: 4/11, Mon 8AM KST)
    • How to Help Your Student Choose Classics, Contemporary, and Genre Reads So They Can Thrive! 

  • May 15 Seminar: # Writing the College Essay!
    • Sunday 5/15 4pm PST = 7pm EST (Korea: 5/16, Mon 8AM KST)